Adolfus Andersson
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Adolfus Andersson in his usual work clothes
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Adolfus Andersson is the father of Synnove and Sabina Andersson and a character in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, he is a commander of the Swedish military who teams up with the United States government during the events of World War 3.


World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

He is introduced in Act II of the novel, during the Second Iranian Hostage Crisis.  He is alerted to his daughters' kidnapping by Commander Korey Hogan of Task Force Eagle.  He later teams up with the Alliance, Task Force Eagle, and their allies in order to recover his kids.  In addition, he is seen commanding Swedish military personnel during the events of Operation Grendel (both stages).


He, along with his wife Marija, is super protective of his kids.  He is often seen vowing to recover his daughters even if it means getting himself killed.  Outside of combat, he is a loving father, always wanting what is best for his children.  However, in combat, he is always a daredevil, even going to extreme lengths to get the job done, regardless of the sacrifices neccesary on his part.


  • He is based on the main protagonist from the Swedish TV series, Wallander.
  • He, despite being old, has quick reflexes.
  • He speaks with a thick Swedish accent, which is a trait inherited by each of his daughters.



"We need to talk."

- Adolfus Andersson to Dominic Lockhart during the Second Iranian Hostage Crisis


- Adolfus Andersson to Solomon after catching him trying to smuggle one of his kids red-handed.