Some attributes
First Born
Second September 8, 1998
Third Died
Other attributes
Fourth August 25, 2023 (Crysis 2); N\A in novel
Fifth Status
Sixth K.I.A. (Crysis 2); Alive (WW3)

Alcatraz is a Supersoldier in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, he was warped from Crysis 2 via Ben Hoving's time manipulation technique into the real world.  


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World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

Alcatraz (as Henry Blackburn) is first seen during the Second Iranian Hostage Crisis.  He meets Ellie Miller, a tourist kidnapped by Team Black, a branch of Mercs that defected from their leader, John Honeycutt.  Sometime after the incident, he gets injured in a nasty firefight, forcing his body to recuperate inside a CombatArmor Suit (which can actually function as a living hospital, but the wearer will die if the suit is removed during healing).  He then works together with One Direction (although he begrudges them at first because of Harry Styles' "terrible hairdo) to stop Operation Grendel, becoming a hunted fugitive on Team Black's "most wanted list" in the process.


Alcatraz is a calm and easygoing soldier that never argues with his buddies.  However, he does have a problem getting along withOne Direction member Harry Styles because of his "terrible hairdo".  Eventually, though, he manages to live with Harry's bad hairdo and ends up befriending him, much to the annoyance of Ben Hoving, who expected Alcatraz to kill Harry because of his terrible hairdo, only to be talked out of the idea by Mr. Howard, AKA the Peace Man.


  • He's the first character from a video game.
  • He is also the first character to be from two different worlds.
  • In Crysis 2, Alcatraz dies of mind damage and becomes a reincarnation of Lawrence "Prophet" Barnes.  However, in World War 3, due to Ben Hoving changing time by changing\modifying certain events of the dimensions he's from, he still has his mind.
  • He is also the first male Supersoldier; everyone else wearing a futuristic combat suit is female.
  • He is also the first person not to kill a member of One Direction because of Mr. Howard's peacemaking skills.