Alexi Bulganov
Some attributes
First Affiliation(s)
Second God's Sword of Justice
Third Nationality
Other attributes
Fourth Russian, Caucasian
Fifth Status
Sixth Alive

Alexi Bulganov is a member of the radical Christian terrorist group, God's Sword of Justice (later a PMC in Yuri Gavrilov's private mercenary unit) and an character in the novel series.


Early years and anti-Islam hatred genesisEdit

Born in Volgograd, Russia, Alexi developed a powerful animosity towards Islam after watching news footage of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, after which he came to the conclusion that all Muslims were bloodthirsty, obsessed monsters intent on killing infidels (unaware that only a fraction of the Muslims, like al-Qaeda, hate America so much).

World War 3: The Hit on The InnocentEdit

In the novel, it is mentioned that during the September 11, 2027 Attacks, he blew up a bunch of Muslim extremist leaders by driving a truck rigged with explosives into a shopping mall.  He later ends up working for Yuri Gavrilov in his army of PMCs.


  • He is the first Russian antagonist\ally in the novel.
  • His catchphrase is "Let's Roll," a reference to Todd Beamer and United Airlines Flight 93.
  • He is facinated with explosives.



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