Type 99 rifle

A Type 99 Long rifle

Type Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin  Empire of Japan
Service history
In service 1939–1945 (Japan)
Used by Users
Wars Chinese Civil WarSecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IISoviet–Japanese Border WarsKorean War,Indonesian National Revolution
Production history
Designed 1939
Produced 1939–1945
Number built ~3.5 million [1]
Weight 8.16 lb (3.7 kg)
Length 44.1 in (1120 mm)
Barrel length 25.87 in (657 mm)

Cartridge 7.7×58mm Arisaka
Action Bolt action
Muzzle velocity 730 m/s (2394 ft/s)
Feed system 5-round internal box magazine, stripper clip loaded

The Arisaka is another weapon seen in Jordan Portner's stockpile.  It is also seen used by Japanese Self-Defense Forces and Mercenaries acquiring them from Jordan's posse of Punishers.  It is the first Japanese battle rifle to be used by modern day fighters.