Marble Greek copy signed "Antiokhos", a first century BC variant of Phidias' fifth-centuryAthena Promachos that stood on the Acropolis

Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Divine intelligence, Architecture and Crafts[1]

Patron Goddess of Athens[1]

Other name(s) Diana Agnes
Abode Mount OlympusAthensMani
Symbol OwlsOlive treesSnakesAegis,ArmorHelmetsSpears,Gorgoneion
Parents Zeus and Metis[2]
Siblings Porus[3]
Roman equivalent Minerva
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Status Alive
Weapon Machete; Death Machine; War Machine; Saiga 12K; AN-94 ; Various kinds of bladed weapons
Based on Alexandra Daddario

Athena  is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, justice, just warfare, civilization, law and justice, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.  She is also a character in the World War 3 series.


Arrival in the real worldEdit

She randomly arrived in the new world during Vulture Force's mission to find and rescue Brooke Connor (under alias Diana Agnes).  Her arrival in the real world is revealed by Mason Davidson.

Apparently, she was warped into the real world after Korey Hogan hacked Ben Hoving's time bridge in order to gather up his own army, fearing that the Anarchists would easily overwhelm Vulture Force.  

Time in the real worldEdit

When she arrives in the real world, her mission is to find and protect Brooke Connor, who would eventually help Olivia Coons lead Vulture Force.  However, she is captured by Iron Hand forces and brutally tortured.

However, she escapes and eventually rescues Brooke Connor ahead of everyone else.  When Brooke interrogates her about her true identity, Athena reveals herself and later reveals that her mission is to protect Brooke, who would later help Olivia Coons command Vulture Force and shut down the Iron Hand.

She then teams up with Cordis Die in able to assist Vulture Force in fighting against the Iron Hand and shutting said evil organization down for good.


  • She is the second pagan diety to be warped in the novel (Loki is first).
  • She seems to regard Brooke Connor as a best friend and a part of her life.
  • She views Olivia Coons as Brooke's "significant component".
  • She is good friends with the Norse god Thor (who, coincidentally, is Loki's step-brother).
  • Her physical appearance is based on actress Alexandra Daddario.



"I am Athena...your rescuer."

- Athena revealing herself to Brooke Connor under pressure