Bella Atkin

Nickname(s) Belle; Madi
Appears in World War 3: Sinister Operations
Rank Commander
Affiliations Mercenaries; Cordis Die
Nationality American
Status Alive (aged 16)
Gender Female
Marks Cut on her stomach;  scar on left side of face
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 5'3"
Race American, Caucasian
Weapon Anything she deems destructive

Madison Young (under pesudonym Bella Atkin) is a commander of both Cordis Die and the Mercenaries and a character in the World War 3 series.  In the novel, she assists best friend Olivia Coons and her Vulture Force in order to remove the evil Ben Hoving from power, destroy the Caliphate, and annihilate America's enemies.


Early life and rise to powerEdit

Bella Atkin was born to extremely rich parents, but they died in a tragic accident, leaving Bella (the sole survivor) with amnesia.  Later, she was adopted by a new family under the name Madison Elizabeth Young.  Desperate for revenge against the perpetrators of her real parents, Madison sought to become a world dictator in order to avenge her parents' killers (who were, in fact, Chechen Mujahideen operatives).  Her time came when the new megacorporation Cordis Die was warped from the Call of Duty world into the real world, resulting in the death of the original founder, Raul Menendez.

After winning an election due to her popularity and persuasive speeches, Madison was installed in Cordis Die as the new leader of said organization.

World War 3: SInister OperationsEdit

In the first book of the series, after Bella acquires her position, she goes mad with power; she imposes sanctions against Iran, Afghanistan, and other Caliphate members.  She then publishes a public statement condemning radical Islamist fundamentalism and calling for the indescriminate killing of Muslim radicals everywhere in the Eastern world.  She is also portrayed launching invasions against Chechnya and the Caliphate.

During this time, she is good friends with Olivia Coons, who seeks to find out what caused her friend to transform from her former, happy, bright-hearted, kind nature to that of a dark, negative, almost sinister nature.  However, the outcome of Olivia's personal mission is, during the events of said novel, unknown.  It is also of note that during this time, Olivia has no idea whatsoever that Madison Young is only an adopted name and that her real name is Bella Atkin.


  • She is 79% German, 97% American and 88% Native American (from the Cherokee tribe).
  • She is the youngest character to lead a megacorporation from a video game,
  • She is also the first character to lead a megacorporation in the novel.
  • Like her sister, Madison is almost never referred to by her real name when she's governing Cordis Die.  Outside of the war, however, her buddies call her by her real name.


World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

"Times have changed, my friend."

- Bella Atkin to her friend Olivia.