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Caracal Battalion is an infantry combat branch of the Israeli Defense Forces and a faction in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, they assist The Force in chasing down and eliminating Ali Al-Washir, Elayna Niermeyer, Luke Knudsvig, and other antagonists in the novel.

Caracal Battalion infantry

A female member of Caracal Battalion

Appearances Edit

Caracal Battalion makes its first appearance during Operation Crossed Swords.  During a raid on one of Ali Al-Washir's strongpoints, Caracal Battallion is seen deploying into Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq.  However, a recon mission goes wrong and the British Special Air Service have to go with The Force to rescue a downed and captured operative.

Caracal Battalion appears again in Operation Grendel.  In Phase One, they are seen parachuting into the city of New York to assist the United States Marine Corps in fighting the Korean People's Army, the Royal Bhutan Army, and the Iron Hand.

In Phase Two, they assist The Force in liberating Spokane, Washington and later Los Angeles, California.

Finally, Caracal Battalion assists The Force in a sucessful mission to eliminate Ali Al-Washir for good, although this mission results in both factions being branded "fugitives" by vengeful Muhammad's Army fundamentalists.


  • They are the first combat battalion in the novel.
  • They seem to be mutually attached to The Force after Operation Crossed Swords.
  • They are hated by Ali Al-Washir just because they consist of Jews and Arabs (whom he views as "traitors").