Chloe Morrel as she appears in World War 3: Sinister Operations

Chloe Morrel
Other name(s) The Assassin; Subject Jupiter
Full Name: Chloe Morrel
Place of Birth: Auvergne, France
Family None
Nationality: French
Position: Agent\assassin
Military Branch: Independent
Build: Petite
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 54.4 Kg (120 lb) approx.
Marital Status: Married to Pierre Morrel
Legal Status: Undercover agent\assassin
Affiliations: Herself, Cordis Die, Mercenaries

Alive (Aged 27)

Weapon: Anything that kills

Chloe Morrel is a French undercover assassin and a character in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, she is an undercover assassin working seemingly for herself.  Because of this, she is being hunted by the Iron Hand and kept under close watch by CryNet Systems.  However, once her true identity-an undercover Cordis Die agent and a member of the Mercenaries-is revealed, she becomes an ally to Vulture Force\Team Misfit.


Early lifeEdit

According to a profile of her found by Vulture Force, she was born and raised in Auvergne, France on August 2, 2000.  Her father was a French military commander during the Persian Gulf War, but was killed by the Iraqi insurgency during said conflict.

When Chloe heard, she fell into a depression for some time until she decided to get a job as a Cordis Die agent, where her career as an assassin began.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In the novel, she is an undercover agent for Cordis Die.  She is first encountered during a mission to rescue John Price's kids.  She, at first, is mistrustful of Olivia and vice versa for the latter.  Therefore, the two have trouble getting along for the first couple of chapers.   However, Olivia's enmity against Chloe eventually disappears when Olivia finds out the information for herself by taking a look at Chloe's information online.  From that point forward, the two of them become friends and team up to fight against the Amalgamated Islamic Caliphate, the Iron Hand, and the Anarchists (even though she doesn't technically do anything).

World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent (document edition)Edit


World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent (online edition)Edit

In the online edition of World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent, Chloe returns, but she becomes a professionally trained sharpshooter.  She still is an assassin, however, and has the current goal of destroying Luke Knudsvig's Anarchist Coalition.  Throughout the course of the conflict, though, she is on high alert.  That is, she is always on the lookout for a chance to kill her target, no matter the cost.  

Personality and abilitiesEdit

She is a bright young woman with somewhat extreme ways to pull off missions.  She is also an able-bodied fighter and normally assassinates people quietly, hence the heavy use of suppressed firearms.  She is also trained in Judo and close-quarters combat.  In addition, she has a pilot's license, allowing her to fly aircraft.  In addition, she uses suppressors on her weapons to aid with being quiet during assassination missions.


  • She is the first undercover agent in the novel to be French.
  • She is one of several characters that does not have a signature weapon.
  • She is commonly seen wearing high-heels and a tracksuit (though she sometimes wears a trenchcoat too).


Commonly used weaponsEdit