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Civilians don't take part in any active combat roles.  They're a common sight in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

Civilians appear heavily in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In fact, Olivia Coons, Mason Davidson, Lev Raskov and numerous other people start out as civilians before joining the military and\or becoming leaders of terrorist organizations.

During Olivia Coons's time as a soldier, Elayna Niermeyer's time as an Iron Hand leader and Kaylyn Bigley's time as an Inner Light commander, civilians are seen in large amounts.

Civilians are first seen during Operation Crossed Swords, where they are being evacuated from their homes and put in evacuation centers during the multi-national attempt to remove Ali Al-Washir from power; this is mainly because the installment of Al-Washir as dictator of Iran is seen as a threat to the civilian population.

During Operation Grendel, the Iron Hand attempts to remove and eventually completely replace local civilian law enforcement in New York during the May 6, 2021 Terrorist Attacks while the Inner Light attempts to "help" sanitize civilians (while really trying to pull of Kaylyn's "ultimate plan of revenge" against The Force).  However, Iron forces are witnessed by the main protagonist killing civilians all over the place, which reveals their true motive: turn America into a dictatorship.  

Civilians are later seen being massacred by Iron Hand soldiers in New York as they hijack a subway train beneath the city.  At the same time, Lev Raskov attempts to stop the massacre by going on a shooting rampage that eventually ends with Lev being ambushed by Elayna,, who attempts to kill him.  However, Lev blows up the train to prevent it from being used as a bomb to destroy the next station, saving hundreds of lives.

Civilians are also seen during Operation Downfall, which actually takes place before Operation Grendel.  They are seen again during the attempt made by The Force to kill Elayna Niermeyer and her cousin, Karah Pierce.

Notable civiliansEdit


  • The Iron Hand frequently massacres civilians, but the Inner Light does not; instead they attempt to massacre all US military personnel related in some way to the main protagonist.
  • The civilian massacre on the train is both seen and heard.
  • The Iron Hand seems to enjoy killing civilians, as Elayna is seen commenting, "I want more screaming civvies," or "I'm not hearing dying civvies!"