CryNet's Terrorist Attack
Some attributes
First Type
Second Biological terrorism
Third Target
Other attributes
Fourth United Islamic States
Fifth Perpetrator
Sixth CryNet Systems

A week before Operation Crossed SwordsCryNet's Terrorist Attack, a devastating biological terrorist attack on the United Islamic States, occurred.  In the novel World War 3: Sinister Operations, it is revealed that Dominic Lockhart, leader of CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics (CELL), was warped into the real world by Ben Hoving's time bridge formula along with his enslaved army of Ceph aliens, allowing him to copy the bioweapon Manhattan Virus and use it on the radical Muslims.


CryNet and C.E.L.L. were warped into the real world along with Alcatraz a week before the events of Operation Crossed Swords.  During this time, Dominic Lockhart agreed to help Ben Hoving establish the "Iron Hand regime" in the Middle East.  To weaken the Muslims, Dominic copied the Manhattan Virus and used it to attack the United Islamic States.  

Terrorist AttackEdit

The biological agent was released via hidden Ceph constructs built beneath Sulaymaniyah, the main staging ground for the attack.  Lockhart released the spores upon the city, infecting it in a matter of hours, and then fired an earthquake missile (a missile that causes earthquakes by jolting the Earth's crust while exploding on a target) at the city of Sulaymaniyah to distract the invading One World Alliance forces (which were sent to treat the sick and fight Muhammad's Army).  Afterwards, C.E.L.L. invaded the Middle East.


  • It is the first biological terrorist attack to happen.
  • It is also the first to involve CryNet Systems as the perp.
  • It is also the first conflict where C.E.L.L. are involved.
  • It is also the first conflict to involve a virus from a video game.