CryNet Airlines
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First Founded
Second 2021
Third Active
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Fourth 2021-Present
Fifth Owned by
Sixth CryNet Systems

CryNet Airlines, a major airline industry, was created when American Airlines was bought by CryNet Systems after Tom Horton, American Airlines' CEO, retired in 2020.  After the company was bought, CryNet changed the organization to CryNet Airlines

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

CryNet Airlines is mentioned repeatedly in the events leading up to the May 10, 2021 Attacks.  During one of the operations themselves, Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky, after having been warped into the real world by Ben Hoving's "time bridge", joins the National People's Front, an organization that serves to rebel against CryNet and the Iron Hand's goal of turning America into an imperialistic nation, is selected to hijack an airliner belonging to CryNet Airlines, the mission being to destroy a C.E.L.L. or CryNet-owned building in the United States.

Later, a CryNet Airlines flight is hijacked by the NPF and flown into the Hargreave-Rasch Building on West 36th Street, New York City, being the second of several other attacks on CryNet by the NPF.


  • This is the first fictional airline to be born out of a real airline corporation.
  • It is also the first airline corporation to be in the novel in general.
  • CryNet seems to have grown to some type of massive tycoon during the founding of CryNet Airlines.