C.E.L.L. (short for CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics) is an allied\antagonist faction in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  They are warped by Ben Hoving alongside CyNet Systems as a whole, where they team up with the Iron Hand in order to turn the United States of America into an imperialistic dictatorship.

In the novel, they are under command of Dominic Lockhart.


Early years Edit

Ben Hoving warped CryNet into the real world (Word War 3's universe) in order to get assistance in turning the United States into a dictatorship.  However, the plan went sour and Dominic Lockhart, C.E.L.L.'s leader, refused, instead chasing down Ben Hoving as a "heretic".

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

The CELL first appear during the events of Operation Blizzard, an attempt by the C.E.L.L. to remove Islam from the Middle East, having been targeted by Lockhart as the "little tick of religions" for its violent teachings.  To reach this goal, the Iron Hand teams up with C.E.L.L. in order to invade the Middle East, starting with the country of Saudi Arabia and then working toward Iran, the "whirlpool of terrorism" as deemed by Lockhart.

World War 3: The Hit on The InnocentEdit

In the sequel, C.E.L.L. forces are seen fighting against Anarchists and Feds across the globe in the War against the Federation and the Second War against the Anarchists, in what would eventually become World War 3.


  • This is the first major corporation to be warped into the novel series.
  • They seem to be amusingly incompetent for their huge size and armament whenever facing Prophet, but are powerful enough to take on everybody else without any problems.