CryNet Systems is a large megacorporation featured in the World War 3 series.  In the novel, they build CombatArmor suits and cyborg soldiers in order to back up the armament of the US military.  It also has it's own private military enforcement called CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics.  In the novel, CryNet is warped into the real world via Ben Hoving's Time Bridge.


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World War 3 Edit

In the World War 3 series, it is revealed that CryNet's founder, Jacob Hargreave, actually boughtCyberdyne Systems , also warped into the real world by Hoving's time bridge.  There, the two companies merged, effectively causing CryNet to grow into a massive megacorporation much like Cordis Die.  Throughout the novel, Jacob Hargreave assists Vulture Force, Shadow Force, Cordis Die, Black Syndicate, the Mercs, the Mercenaries, and various other factions in removing the Iron Hand from power and destroying the Amalgamated Islamic Caliphate.

CryNet ArmsEdit

A subdivision of CryNet, this company builds weapons and cyborg soldiers in order to use them in combat.  They are also known for building Terminators (which were originally from Cyberdyne, but became part of CryNet after the warping done by the Time Bridge).  

Its products include:

  • Terminator T-101
  • Terminator T-10000
  • Terminator T-X
  • Terminator T-600
  • "Allyson Hitchcock"
  • "Emily Underdown"