Eden Salazar
Nickname(s) Mi hermana

Idiot with the scar

Appears in World War 3 series
Affiliations Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Status Deceased
Killed By Charlie Sheen (by accident)
Birth 1964
Sex Female
Marks Scar on stomach and waist
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Race Latino
Death September 25th, 1986, Wasa King, Nicaragua (aged 22)
Weapon Five-Seven

Eden Salazar was one of the daughters of the Mexican President, Romeo Salazar.  In the novel series, she was kidnapped by Alejandro Rojas and his Red Hand thugs, but was killed by accident when Charlie Sheen crashed a plane into the Red Hand soldiers pursuing her and several other runaways.


In World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

During World War 3: Sinister Operations, Eden helped Adrianne McNamara, an inmate of hers, escape from Rojas' fortress.  However, Rojas eventually found out and ordered his cronies to chase them down.  At the same time, Charlie Sheen hijacked one of Rojas' airplanes and saw the Red Hand gunmen pursuing Eden and Adrianne below.

After an argument with Steve Carrell, Tom Cruise, Olivia Coons, Alexandra Daddario, and Nathan Lynn concerning a method to crash the plane and not kill the President's daughter, Charlie put the plane in a steep dive and plowed through the army of Red Hand gunmen.  Caught in the middle, Eden was unable to dodge the crashing plane and, consequently, was run over and killed.


"I can help you."

- Eden trying to get Adrianne McNamara's hopes up.

"Look out!"

- Eden upon seeing the plane crashing into a field infested with Red Hand gunmen.

"Oh, no!  RUUUUN!!"

- Eden's last words before Charlie Sheen [accidentally] kills her with a crashing airplane