Emma Wideman
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Second GRU; The Force
Third Nationality
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Fourth Russian, Caucasian
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Sixth Alive

Tatiana Ivanovich Chirkova, also known as Emma Wideman is a GRU agent and a secondary protagonist in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, she's a Russian agent and a sidekick of John Honeycutt.  She helps him lead the Mercs, but after the faction splits, she helps command Team White.


Early yearsEdit

Emma Wideman's birth name was Tatiana Ivanovich Chirkova, according to records and her birth certificate.  She was renamed Emma Wideman when adopted by an American family, her real parents having been killed in 9\11.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, she is a GRU operative and works alongside John Honeycutt to take out CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics with their Mercs, but once the team splits following Team Black's defection and admission into CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics, she only commands Team White with John.

Together with The Force, she fights against Muhammad's Army, the Iron Hand and Team Black, as well as C.E.L.L.


Emma is a bloodthirsty killing machine, often seen massacring dozens of enemies during battle.  She uses an adrenaline rush to fight at times; unlike Lev Raskov's rage mode, this rush of energy speeds her reflexes, allowing her to "see" attacks coming moments before they happen.  Outside of combat, however, she's a charming girl who melts John's heart-to a certain extent.


  • Her signature weapon, like Dima Raskov, is the S-22 Orion.
  • She is always abusive when it comes to interrogating POWs (prisoners of war).
  • She has a grudge against Ali Al-Washir, commander of Muhammad's Army, and Dominic Lockhart, CELL's field commander.
  • She seems to have a relationship with John.
  • She is the youngest GRU member.
  • She is also the second character to join an organization at a young age (18 in her case).
  • She is also the second character to have a past associated with 9\11; her grandparents were firefighters attempting to rescue survivors after the World Trade Center collapsed.


Emma Wideman's profile
General info. General info.
Birth name Tatiana Ivanovich Chirkova
Other name(s) Emma WIdeman
Date of birth August 3, 2003 
Status Alive (aged 18)
Allies The Force; Mercs
Archenemy of Dominic Lockhart; Ben Hoving; Ali Al-Washir
Weapon Primarily S-22 Orion; any weapon she can get her hands on