Erin "Volk" Ready
Nickname(s) The Wolf
Appears in World War 3 Series
Rank Double agent for Anarchists; later ally for The Force
Affiliations Anarchists (until Act III); Revolutionary Imperialist Army (until Act III); Laura Byrne (best buddy)
Nationality American, Caucasian
Status Alive (living off the grid)
Birth Little Rock, Arkansas, August 4, 2003 (aged 17)
Height 5'7"
Weight 120lbs
Build Athletic
Hair color Light brown (with blonde high lights)
Eye color Green
Weapon Desert Eagle; M4A1; anything at her disposal

Erin Ready is a Revolutionary Imperialist Army commander, an undercover terrorist, and an antagonist\ally in the World War 3 series.  In the novel, she participates in actively framing Cordis Die.  Later, however, she has a change of heart and begins assisting Vulture Force later.


Early lifeEdit

The only thing that is known about Erin's early life is that she was born on August 3, 2003 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She developed Imperialistic ideals at age thirteen and after graduating from high school at age 17, she went off the grid.

World War 3Edit

Erin resurfaced during the events of World War 3 by actively framing Cordis Die in order to damage their reputation.  To do such an act, she assassinates a Cordis Die operative, then steals his outfit, and then orders her men to hijack a Russian airliner and fly it into the Moscow Kremlin  (similar to what Al-Qaeda did to attack the Pentagon during 9\11 ).  

In both attacks, she framed the United States.  Afterwards, she fled Russia and began a killing spree across the globe, vowing to hunt down and kill individual members of Vulture Force while everyone in the Russian government went after Cordis Die and the Mercenaries.  

Even though she has several run-ins and confrontations with Olivia Coons throughout the novel, she is neither killed nor captured by said protagonist.  In Act III, she and Olivia reconcile after a long history of rivalry between the two of them.  She then defects from the Anarchists and the Revolutionary Imperialist Army, much to the irritation of her friend, Laura Byrne.  


  • She is the first Imperialist American female antagonist\ally.
  • She is also the second antagonist to be a mole (the first is Gabi Wagner).
  • She is deemed by Olivia Coons to be the "deadliest assassin."
  • She is fond with suppressors on guns.
  • She is the third character to start out as an enemy, but then turn into an ally (the first is Kaylyn Bigley, the second is Alexandra Rozhdestvenski).


"Everything's ready."

- Erin to her men shortly before they hijack a Russian airliner.

"You know who this is, Olivia Coons.  I hacked your FaceBook account.  Now I know everything about you and your 'awesomeness.'"

- Erin Ready during a phone conversation with Olivia Coons