Federal Bureau of Investigation
Leader(s) FBI Leader
Appears in World War 3 Series
Country USA
Type Government agency
Active 1908 - present
Motto Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a government agency and a faction in World War 3: The Series.  They are involved in the recovery of Adrianne McNamara, daughter of the US President.  

World War 3 SeriesEdit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, the FBI is involved in finding and taking out terrorist leader\criminal mastermind Alejandro Rojas.  

Later, Special Agent Kelsey Burns, a special agent in the FBI, is kidnapped by the Red Hand; apparently Rojas wanted to use her as leverage against the FBI in order to throw them off his back (which backfires).  The FBI is later seen helping Vulture Force and their allies recovering the US President's daughter, as well as Special Agent Burns.  However, they find out later that Special Agent Burns escaped with Adrianne and several other runaways and are currently being pursued by Red Hand terrorists.

Using this information, the FBI assists Vulture Force in finding McNamara and Burns before the Red Hand does, which cumilates in a firefight between them and the Red Hand terrorists trying to take them down.  They are also seen helping to repel the invasion of America by Iron Hand forces and Anarchists.

Known membersEdit

  • FBI Director
  • Special Agent Kelsey Burns