First War Against the Anarchists
Part of: World War 3

Angola; North Korea; Switzerland


Decisive American victory

Anarchists split up

Iron Hand still remains

US, French, and Russian hostages safely returned to their respective families.


[1] United States of America

Iron Hand


Red Hand


[2] President of the United States [3] Korey Hogan

Flag of USA
Olivia Coonz
Russian flag

Lev Raskov

250px-Cordis Die Logo BOII

Logo of Cordis Die

Madison Young

Flag of USA
Erin Ready

Doug Harris

Flag of USA
Harper Michaels
Faction Militia
Alejandro Rojas (KIA)

Faction Militia
Pedro Santos (KIA)

Flag of USA

United States of America

Alexandra Daddario]

Iron Fist WaW

Ben Hoving

  • Anarchists
  • Red Hand
  • Iron Hand
  • Thousands of Army personnel and civilians.
  • Light naval warship losses
  • Heavy losses in armor and aircraft.

Dozens of Naval warships and at least one submarine destroyed.

  • Thousands of army personnel
  • Heavy losses in armor and aircraft
  • Moderate military equipment
  • Unknown multitudes of Anarchists killed

The First War Against the Anarchists began after a series of kidnappings by the Anarchists spurred the US Army into sending child soldiers overseas in order to rescue the hostages.

Build upEdit

Pressures were mounting in the United States after Bhutan tried to get China to surrender half of its rare earth minerals to the nation, which backfired.  Lashing out against Angola, they kidnapped Lev Raskov and forced the US to send child soldiers to the region to rescue him.


Olivia, who was part of a US Marine unit at the time, was sent in to rescue Lev Raskov.  The mission suceeded, but at the same time the Iron Hand threatened to sabotage the operation.  

Later, the President's daughter, Adrianne McNamara, was kidnapped by Red Hand forces under the command of Alejandro Rojas.  The daughter of the French President, Diana Lambert, and the girlfriend of Lev Raskov's cousin, Tat'yana Lazarova, followed afterwards.

The mission to save the girls was at first deemed impossible-until Jack Bauer and Jack Reacher emerged using Ben Hoving's time bridge.  Teaming up with Vulture Force, they sucessfully infiltrated Rojas' residence and rescued Adrianne McNamara and her friends, only to be stymied by the sudden apperance of Alexandra Daddario, though she was eventually defeated later by Jack Reacher who also killed Pedro Santos.  Later, Alejandro Rojas was killed by Erin Ready.

The conflict ended when the hostages were returned home to their respective families (though Adrianne was injured during the gunfight between her captors and her rescuers).