The term Great Satan is a derogatory epithet used by the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Historically, it is coined by Ruhollah Khomeini.  In the novel, it is used by Ali Al-Washir.


Ali's grandparents, according to Ali Al-Washir, have watched as Ruhollah Khomeini constantly used the term Great Sata'on Iranian news networks while being interviewed.  This led to Ali Al-Washir accusing the United States of being imperialistic, much like the real-life Ayatollah.

He also accused Russia of being imperialistic, after being turned into a democracy, much like America.  As a result, he called America the Great Satan and Russia Satan's Agent, or Satan's Brother.

Usage in the novelsEdit

The term Great Satan is used extensively by Ali Al-Washir, so much, in fact, that it angers the United States government, who views this as an insult to the USA's reputation.  In addition, the phrase "Death to America", is also used in conjuction to this term.


  • It is the first epithet in the novel.
  • Ali seems to have an extremely strong vendetta against the United States and Russia, as he uses this term on both nations.
  • Other than the fact that Ali considers America to be the Great Satan, he also considers the US President, Miguel Rodriguez (once he comes to power) to be Satan himself.