Howard Stivey
Nickname(s) Codename: Weasel
Appears in World War 3: Sinister Operations
Rank Commander; Lieutenant
Affiliations SAS (formerly); Cordis Die; Vulture Force
Status Alive
Date of birth October 5, 1969 (aged 51)
Weapon M416

 (with underbarrel M320)  M9AK-47XM25Five SevenScar-LM14 EBRACR 6.8, anything accessible to him as a weapon in the novel

Marital Status Married to Sharon Stivey (aged 47)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue

Howard Stivey is a character in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, he is a commander of Vulture Force and an agent for Cordis Die.  


Early years and early military career.Edit

According to a profile of Howard, he was born on October 5, 1969, an only child.  At age thirty-three, he joined the SAS and fought in the Persian Gulf War.  He also fought in theWar Against Terrorism  and the War in Afghanistan.  Later in the novel, it is revealed that Howard was recruited by Cordis Die after they intervened in the conflict as a part of Operation Naked Fury.  At the time, he'd been captured by the Iraqi Insurgency and had sucessfully escaped from a prison camp.  Cordis Die soldiers led by Madison Young eventually found him and recruited him as part of their unit.

Vulture Force and Cordis DieEdit

Howard's first mission as a Cordis Die\Vulture Force operative was to rescue his wife, Sharon, who'd been captured by the enemy trying to stop Operation Thunderbird, as well as helping MI6 obtain intelligence for the operation.  Later, he helped Vulture Force foil Stages I and III of Operation Thunderbird, but was heavily injured in the process.  Eventually, he tried joined a worldwide campaign against the Iron Hand to remove Ben Hoving from power in the USA as a part of Operation Grendel.


  • He is a real character I met during a vacation to Italy.
  • He is a huge fan of James Bond movies.
  • He drives an Aston Martin.
  • His signature weapon is the M416.