The IMI Negev

IMI Negev
Some attributes
First Manufactured by
Second Israel Military Industries
Third Type
Other attributes
Fourth Light machine-gun
Fifth Country
Sixth Israel

The IMI Negev is a light machinegun made by Israeli Military Industries and a weapon in World War 3: Sinister Operations.


The weapon is most commonly seen in the hands of Israeli Defense Forces throughout the novel.  One notable example is during the Angolan Hostage Crisis, where Israelis assist Olivia Coons and her assault squad in raiding a barge on the Cubango River in Angola in order to rescue tourists kidnapped by the Royal Bhutan Army.

Also, they are seen again throughout Operation Crossed Swords and Operation Grendel.  One notable appearance is the scene where Olivia Coons walks up to a Muhammad's Army terrorist\suicide bomber holding Karah Pierce as a hostage during a hostage rescue situation in Tehran during the events of Operation Crossed Swords.

Taking a Negev from a dead Israeli commando, Olivia aims the weapon at the terrorist while he recites the Takbir and curses America and Israel.  He then tries to blow himself up and take Karah with him, but Olivia shoots the detonator out of his hands, allowing Mason Davidson (who is hiding under the edge of the roof atop a window) to grab the suicide bomber and throw him off the building, where he falls to his death.


  • This is the first Israeli light machinegun in the novel.
  • It is also the first light machinegun to be used by both protagonists and antagonists alike.