Invasion of Virginia
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First Belligerents
Second US Army; The Force; Iron Hand; Inner Light; Korean People's Army; Muhammad's Army
Third Outcome
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Fourth Tactical American victory; Iron Hand and Inner Light forces exterminated in Virginia

The Invasion of Virginia occurred when the Iron Hand, Inner Light, Korean People's Army, Muhammad's Army, and their PMC allies teamed up and invaded the US East Coast in one big sweep, with Virginia being one of the landing points, during Operation Grendel.  In addition, the united enemy forces landed in other states across the globe.

Course of eventsEdit

After the declaration of war against the US made by Iran, the Iron Hand, and the Inner Light for various "attrocities" supposedly committed by the US government, the joint force invaded the state of Virginia in a flurry of attacks, starting with Iron Hand commandos parachuting into various parts of the state and then the rest of the enemy forces performing a D-Day-styled landing of Virginia.  The Force, which was on leave at this point in time was contacted shortly after these events and was sent to Arcadia, Virginia, one of the towns struck by the invasion force.  Following the invasion, The Force joined Russian, Chinese, and British forces in an all-out firefight for the town of Arcadia.

Shortly afterwards, The Force was called in to help the US Army Rangers pull off a sucessful mission of evacuating civilians from the town, which was a pyrrhic victory; thousands of US soldiers were killed in the evacuation attempt, along with a thousand more civilian deaths.  However, the US Army Rangers, thanks to the help of The Force, were able to sucessfully repel the marauding enemy forces from the town, where they fled to Richmond.


  • The Invasion of Virginia is the first battle to occur on American soil.
  • It is also the first battle of the War to pit Americans against each other.
  • The events of this conflict reference the movie Red Dawn and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign level, Wolverines !

Belligerents Edit

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United States of America

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Muhammad's Army

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Russian Federation

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People's Republic of China