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Sixth Ali Al-Washir (until after World War 3: Sinister Operations

The Islamic Republic of Iran , or Iran, is a Middle Eastern country in Western Asia and the antagonist country in World War 3: Sinister Operations, at least until Muhammad's Army went into exile following the sucessful mission to kill Ali Al-Washir.

World War 3Edit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, the Iranian president was overthrown following a coup d'etat, and Muhammnad's Army, as well as Ali Al-Washir, a radical Muslim dictator, took power. Following this, Iran teamed up with Bhutan and tried to destroy America, knowing that it was a Christian nation (although Bhutan had different motives for destroying America).  

However, during Operation Crossed Swords, Iran itself was invaded by the American\Russian\European\Chinese alliance of armies, sucessfully sabotaging Iran's plan to strike the heart of the United States first.

Following Operation Crossed Swords, Iran-in a flurry of war declarations-vowed to destroy the United States at all costs as long as Muhammad's Army existed, which lasted throughout pretty much the entire plot of World War 3: Sinister Operations, until Muhammad's Army fell apart and Ali was assassinated by American commandos, members of an elite team of soldiers from multiple countries called The Force.

Afterwards, a Christian president tried to replace Al-Washir before Ali's son, Habib, could replace him.  This plunged the entire country into civil war and strife.