Iron Hand
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The insignia of the Iron Hand

Appears in: World War 3: Sinister Operations



Terrorist group

Type Terrorism


The Iron Hand is a private military company and a major terrorist group in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  It is an antagonist faction of the novel, being a branch of the Inner Light.


The Iron Hand was founded by Luke Knudsvig, a rogue Special Forces Operations Delta commander, with the idea that Luke would punish the United Islamic States with an "iron hand", hence the name.  At first, the Iron Hand is seen as just a private military company working for the US military, as evidenced when the Iron Hand assists the US military in stopping the Angolan Hostage Crisis.  However, this changes when Luke Knudsvig reveals his true colors as a rogue operative with the major goal of overthrowing the US government.

However, sometime after the Terrorist Attacks, Luke was overthrown by another rogue soldier, a defected US Army Ranger named Elayna Niermeyer.  Luke was demoted to Elayna's second in command and Elayna formed the one goal that turned the Iron Hand into a global terrorist organization: kill One Direction.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

When the Iron Hand is introduced in World War 3: Sinister Operations, it is one big solid organization.  However, during the first several battles of World War 3, the Iron Hand fell apart.  One sect was led by the infamous Elayna Niermeyer, who overthrew Luke Knudsvig to begin with.  The other is led by Elayna's cousin, Karah Pierce.  The two leaders temporarily unite in one attempt to destroy The Force later in the novel, but after Elayna is arrested and brought to justice at the climax of the novel, the Iron Hand falls apart again.

Events before, during, and after Luke's defectionEdit

  • Early 2021-The Iron Hand stops the Angolan Hostage Crisis.
  • Early 2021-Luke Knudsvig assists J-SOC in exposing the Inner Light as the main perp of the Angolan Hostage Crisis.
  • Late 2021-Iron Hand is labeled as a major terrorist group; Elayna Niermeyer overthrows Luke.
  • Early 2022-Despite being demoted, Luke is labeled an "armed and extremely dangerous terrorist" by the CIA and many other counterterrorism agencies around the world.

After Sinister OpsEdit

After the events of World War 3: Sinister Operations, the Iron Hand splintered into sections.  The main section was no longer headed by Elayna (who is now imprisoned), but Breanna Robinson, who had her own goal of dominating the entire planet.  The other section is headed by Karah Pierce, Elayna's cousin (she became an ally to The Force upon Elayna's imprisonment).  The third section was commanded by Ben Hoving, Audrey Hoving's "evil brother".


  • The Iron Hand, together with the Inner Light, is the first terrorist group to be of international origin.
  • The Iron Hand's members in the novel are referred to as PMCs.