The concept of Islamic Terrorism is a form of religious terrorism common in real life.  In World War 3: Sinister Operations, Muhammad's Army uses Islamic terrorism to try and take out the "Great Satan" the United States, as well as Israel and pretty much all non-Muslim societies.


Western Foreign PolicyEdit

One of the most common motives of Islamic terrorism found in World War 3: Sinister Operations is the motivation to compel foreign democracies to withdraw their military from what the perps view as their homeland.

For example, in a propoganda video against the United Alliance, Ali Al-Washir threatens to punish the United States, which founded the alliance to begin with, by "raining fire" down on the Americans.  Similar videos are made later in the novel once Muhammad's Army becomes a private military company.

United States hatredEdit

Another common motive for Islamic terrorism in the novel is, simply put, pure hatred for the United States because of their policy of supporting Israel.  This explains why terrorists sometimes scream, "Death to America," before performing a suicide attack or executing a POW or whatever they do to terrorize the United States.  

This example is shown clearly when Muhammad's Army begins to threaten America repeatedly throughout the novel once Muhammad's Army becomes a private military company with the sole goal of destroying America so they can get at Israel and unite the entire world into a global "Muslim community."

Hatred for IsraelEdit

Obviously, Muslims despise Israelis, especially the Jews.  So a third motive for Islamic terrorism is hatred for Israel, AKA the Holy Land.  This is Al-Washir's personal vendetta and it's also the origin of Muhammad's Army's main ideal: get rid of Israel and her allies and unite the world into one big Muslim "paradise" or community.

Hatred for The ForceEdit

A fourth motive for Islamic terrorism is a hatred toward The Force.  This is because all of The Force-including its members-are viewed as "demons from Jahannam" and "agents of Shaytan."  This vendetta against The Force is the main reason why Ali Al-Washir posted a fatwa on the Internet calling for all Muhammad's Army members to hunt down and kill individual members of The Force.  This is also the main motive that drives Ali to wreak havoc on the United States, until he himself dies at the hands of Olivia Coons.