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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are the main military forces of the nation of Israel.  In the novel, they are seen working alongside the United States of America in order to fight against Muhammad's Army and global terrorism.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

The Israeli Defense Forces are seen during the events of Operation Crossed Swords.  In this conflict, the Israeli Defense Forces are seen working alongside the Russian Ground Forces, Russian Airborne Troops, European forces, and the United States Army.

The very fact that the Israelis are helping the Americans, AKA "Workers of the Great Satan" ticks off Ali Al-Washir to the point that he plans an invasion of Israel, but is halted by more pressing matters.

Israeli defense forces are also seen during the events of Operation Grendel.  The Israeli military is tasked with assisting the United States Army, Navy and Air Force in defending each of the cities struck by the Iron Hand's blitzkrieg attack, which further infuriates Ali Al-Washir.

Finally, Israeli soldiers are seen in a multi-national attempt to kill Ali Al-Washir before he can eliminate Israel.  First, the Israeli Defense Force's Caracal Battalion assists the Russian Airborne Troops and Russian Ground Forces in shutting down nuclear missiles controlled by Al-Washir in the Araz Valley, Northern Iran.  Later, another branch of the Caracal Battalion assists The Force in personally destroying Al-Washir for good, which leads to the outrage of the entire community of Muhammad's Army.  The incident also results in the Caracal Battalion and The Force simultaneously being branded "war criminals" and wanted fugitives.

Structure in novelEdit

In the novel, the Israeli Defense Forces are divided into branches:

  1. Caracal Battalion, an infantry combat unit consisting of both male and female Jews\Arabs.
  2. Paratroopers Brigade, a unit of paratroopers in the IDF.
  3. Search and Rescue unit, part of the Home Front Command.


  • The Caracal Battalion is the main infantry combat unit in the novel.
  • The Paratroopers Brigade is the main unit of paratroopers.
  • The Israelis tend to have a personal vendetta against Ali Al-Washir, much like Russia, the People's Republic of China and the United States.