Kaylyn Bigley
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Sixth Desert Eagle; PKP Pecheneg; SPAS-12; Machete

Kaylyn Bigley is a former cyberterrorist and an antagonist of World War 3: Sinister Operations, although she turns into a supporting character halfway through the novel.  During her role as an antagonist, she's the nemesis of Mason Davidson, Olivia Coons, and Lev Raskov, the main protagonists of the novel.


The start of revengeEdit

Kaylyn's background is only seen through diary entries found by Olivia Coons; she was bullied constantly in school by Olivia Coons, Mason Davidson and Lev Raskov-along with several others-all the way to the point where she ran away from home, got a job and then became a billionaire-until someone bankrupted her.  Luckily, she used a "backup bank account" in Berlin, Germany in order to impersonate a trillionaire.

Afterwards, she made preparations to return to her hometown in Los Angeles, United States of America and use her wealth to get revenge on the "minors"-people who had a part in bullying Kaylyn, but didn't end up becoming her main targets like Olivia Coons, Mason Davidson and Lev Raskov.  However, upon her return to the US, she gained nation-wide attention and eventually had half of the entire West Coast of the United States supporting her.  Eventually, she formed a sect called the Inner Light...which later grew to become a cyberterrorist group, with Kaylyn as the leader.

Involvement in World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

She is seen trying to kill Olivia Coons, but fails.  Afterwards, she threatens Olivia with text messages and is never seen again for the rest of the book.


  • She is the first antagonist to change into an ally in the same book.
  • She has an older sister named Megan, who has a similar grudge against the Taliban and the Mutaween.
  • While evil, Kaylyn is brutal and vicious toward The Force, much like Lev Raskov.  However, her personality is completely reversed once she becomes an ally.



"Death is too good for you.  You must suffer as I've suffered."

- Kaylyn while threatening Jessica Harris.


- Kaylyn before attempting to kill Olivia Coons, only to be thrown out when her UAV crashes.