Type Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin [1]France
Service history
In service 1936–1978
Used by See Users
Wars World War II

Algerian War First Indochina War Suez Crisis Vietnam War Cambodian Civil War

Production history
Manufacturer Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne
Weight 3.71 kg (8.2 lb.) unloaded
Length 1,021 mm (40.2 in.)
Barrel length 575 mm (22.6 in.)

Cartridge 7.5×54mm French
Action Bolt action
Muzzle velocity 2700 ft/s (823 m/s)
Effective range est. 350-400 yards w/open sights
Feed system 5 round internal box magazine,

clip fed

Sights Iron sights

The MAS-36 is a French battle rifle used in the World War 3 series.  Not only is it part of Jordan Portner's weapon stockpile, but it is also seen used by Anarchists throughout the novel, having been acquired through the illegal Black Market.