David Mason

David Mason, the character from Black Ops II after which Mason Davidson's appearance is modeled

Mason Davidson
Some attributes
First Affiliations
Second Beverly Hills High School; US Secret Service
Third Weapon
Other attributes
Fourth AK-47; machete
Fifth Status
Sixth Alive

Mason Davidson is a supporting character in the World War 3 Series and is the bosom friend of Olivia Coons.  In this novel, he's a socially awkward teenager who eventually turns into an uncontrollable menace wired for revenge.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, he helps Olivia Coons uncover the hidden secrets behind Kaylyn Bigley's conspiracy to bring America to her knees!  He also helps her alert the US government, as well as foreign governments about this threat, starting World War 3.


  • The AK-47, a Russian assault rifle, seems to be his favorite weapon.
  • Whenever he's enraged, he alternates between reloading his weapons in less than two seconds (a talent that he has) and hacking to people with a machete or any other bladed weapon; he shares this talent with Lev Reznov, a Russian immigrant and another supporting character in the novel.
  • A lot of people call him "The Annihilator".
  • He drinks Dr. Pepper a lot