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Megan Tuttle is a former student at Beverly Hills High School and a supporting character in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, she is vacationing with her best friend, Heather Wallace, when Operation Grendel tears the lives of both girls apart.


Pre-Operation GrendelEdit

In the days before Operation Grendel, Megan had a blast with Heather during her vacation in New York, unaware that Operation Grendel was fast-approaching.  Completely disregarding the danger of a "second American civil war", Megan and Heather hung out with each other during their vacation...until Operation Grendel ended their days of fun and relaxation.

Operation GrendelEdit

During Operation Grendel itself, Megan was terrified for her life, as evidenced by the fact that she nearly goes into hysterics that they'll "get exterminated", despite Heather's reassurances that they'll survive.  They then tried to escape from the Iron Hand together, which jeopardized Megan's life.  The situation worsened when Meg was shot by an Iron Hand sniper on the rooftop of a hotel during an escape from downtown Manhattan, during which she began to lose so much blood from her injury that she was near death.  However, the two of them were found and rescued by The Force, which took them to an evac center to be treated.

Post Operation GrendelEdit

After the events of Operation Grendel, Megan decided to join The Force, along with Heather.  The two of them, as of now, are still best friends with each other and Megan feels secure when there is a large force to protect her from enemy attacks.  She's also a hardcore fighter, willing to go on a full-blown rampage if neccessary to protect Heather and any other member of The Force.


  • She's the seventh female character in World War 3 (Olivia Coons is first, Olivia Aholt is second, Audrey Hoving is third, Casey Gatlin is fourth, Emma Wideman is fifth, Ellen Gulledge is sixth).
  • She seems to become Heather's protector-until she's injured, where Heather takes over as the protector.




- Megan upon being shot by an Iron Hand sniper.


- Megan while losing large amounts of blood from being wounded by a sniper.

"Oh, gosh.  Now I'm scared!"

- Megan upon seeing Korean People's Army soldiers and their Iron Hand allies invading Spokane during Phase Two of Operation Grendel.