Morgan Paige Baker
Some attributes
First Affiliation(s)
Second CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics
Third Nationality
Other attributes
Fourth American, Caucasian
Fifth Status
Sixth M.I.A.

Captain Morgan Paige Baker or just Morgan Baker was a CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics member in World War 3: The Hit On The Innocent


She was sent in to kill Cordis Die soldiers, but eventually was under heavy fire and her unit was reduced to half strength.  However, she found help when Olivia Coons and the American resistance bailed her out.


  • She is the first female character to die in the novel's main storyline (many female characters die outside the storyline).
  • She is also the first C.E.L.L. member to fight Cordis Die.
  • Her signature weapon is the Beowulf assault rifle.


"Reeves, watch your six!"

- Morgan while warning Michelle Reeves of incoming aliens.

"Taking fire!"

- Morgan's first words in the novel.