National Imperialist Army
Leader(s) Ben Hoving
Appears in World War 3: Sinister Operations
Country Various
Type Army

The National Imperialist Army is an antagonist faction in the World War 3 series.  They are a part of the Anarchists and they specialize in helping the Iron Hand overthrow the American democratic system.

World War 3Edit

In the novel, they participate in the invasion of Europe the Caliphate and Europe during Operation Scorched Earth and they also help invade America during the actual launch of Operation Grendel.  They face Vulture Force, Shadow Force and their allies as enemies.  Usually, however, they are outnumbered and usually massacred by both Vulture Force and Shadow Force by the dozens.


  • They are the third antagonist faction to include Americans (the first is the Iron Hand and the second is the Team Black Mercs).
  • They sometimes comment on getting "double pay", meaning that they are also a PMC unit.
  • They're fond of gruesomely torturing POWs (except kids; they don't have the guts to torture kids).