Nicole Rhames

Nikki Rhames during her time in Cordis Die

Nickname(s)    Nikki

World War 3: Sinister Operations




Cordis Die


F/A-18F Fighter Jet; S-22 Orion


Ali Al-Washir; Solomon



Lieutenant Nicole Rhames is a teenage hacker and a member of the cyberwarfare-dedicated group Black Syndicate.  In the novel, she is kidnapped by Solomon and the Chechen Mujahideen, but is rescued later by Nathan Lynn, a member of Vulture Force.


World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In the novel, she is mentioned by Commander Korey Hogan to Captain Olivia Coons as being a victim of Ali Al-Washir's human trafficking business.  It is later revealed she was a fighter pilot for Cordis Die, but was shot down and later captured by Solomon.  She is later seen being abused by the Chechen Mujahideen, who subject her to a variety of horrifying tortures.  Most noticably, she is chained to the mouth of a rusty old pipe in a building and threatened.  Later, though, she is found alive by Vulture Force operatives that raid the building.  After she is rescued, she joins both Shadow Force and Vulture Force in fighting their way out of the building she is trapped in and eventually is returned to Cordis Die forces.

From that point onward, she assists The Force in fighting Muhammad's Army, the Chechen Mujahideen and the Iron Hand, who all want to destroy America for various reasons.
NIcole Rhames

Nicole wearing Black Syndicate getup (in desert camo)


  • In the profile of her shown to Olivia Coons, it is revealed she has blonde hair and hazel eyes.
  • She suffers from Algophobia, the fear of pain.
  • Following her abduction, it is revealed she suffers from nightmarish memories of her ordeal.
  • She suffers from panic disorder.
  • She is sometimes paranoid about being watched.
  • She, like Chloe Morrel, has a pilot's license.


"AAUGH!  Thanks, buddy!  My bloody lip must've softened it!  I-I guess I'm all right, but I think they broke my nose.  Are you OK?

- Nicole's first words in the novel.