S-22 Orion
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Some attributes
First Type
Second Handgun
Third Made by
Other attributes
Fourth Orion Firearms Industries
Fifth Used by
Sixth The Force; Iron Hand; Russian Airborne Troops

The S-22 Orion is a pistol featured in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  It is seen in the hands of a variety of people in a variety of factions.


The S-22 Orion was made by Orion Firearms Industries in order to replace the USP .45 pistol, as it was being phased out by other, more powerful weaponry.  The S-22 Orion handgun was made in 2019 once demands rose for a better, more powerful pistol with more stopping power.

In the end, the S-22 Orion was manufactured and has since been the most popular handgun in the World War 3 universe, being used by a variety of foreign militaries, as well as the US Army itself.


The S-22 Orion is seen in both World War 3: Sinister Operations and World War 3: The Hit on the Innocent, wielded by various different people on various different sides.


  • This gun is the first fictional pistol in the novel.
  • The gun seems to be Dima Raskov's favorite weapon because he prefers 9mm ammunition, the type of rounds the weapon fires.