The Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle Upgraded, or SCAR-U is a fictional firearm in World War 3.  In the novel World War 3: Sinister Operations, it is seen used by a variety of soldiers on both sides.

Appearance Edit

The SCAR-U is basically an upgraded version of the original SCAR Rifle.  It is also compact and lightweight, but extremely powerful against any cyborg.  The rifle itself is seen used by both human soldiers and cyborg soldiers on both sides.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, the SCAR-U is seen en-masse with the AK-47, the QBZ-95, the AN-94, and the M4A1.  It is the signature weapon of Olivia Coons, Emma Wideman, Lev Raskov, and various others.


Task Force Eagle variantEdit

The Task Force Eagle Variant of the SCAR-U has an OD green finish, something similar to what the US Marines and other branches of the US Army use, and green iron sights.  It is most commonly used by Task Force Eagle, although sometimes it's used by other US Army soldiers.


The C.E.L.L. variant is just like the one in Crysis 2, where the organization came from.  This variant has blue iron sights and has the CryNet logo on the side and the magazine.  It is the standard issue rifle for all C.E.L.L. operatives.

Iron HandEdit

The Iron Hand version possesses a black camouflage with hexagon-shaped markings all over the sides and the Iron Hand logo, as well as green iron sights like the Task Force Eagle version.  This weapon can fire fully automatic and semiaiutomatic, just like the C.E.L.L. and TFE versions, but it also fires bursts, which makes this variant unique.


  • The variant used by the Iron Hand and Allah's Dragon has an Arctic camouflage on it, but the variant used by the US Marines, Delta Force, Russian military, and Ben Hoving's PMCs is either green or black.
  • A "unique" variant of the SCAR-U is used by Emma Wideman and Olivia Coons; it has a silencer, arctic camouflage, an EOtech Holographic Sight and a suppressor.
  • Emma Wideman's version is called the "Grendel".  Olivia Coons' version is called the Sabre.