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The SKS is a Soviet semiautomatic rifle chambered for the 7.62x39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov.  It is a favorable rifle in the hands of Muhammad's Army terrorists, Iron Hand PMCs, and People's Liberation Army soldiers.

It is always seen with the bayonet folded down, but sometimes it is folded up for usage.


This weapon is seen in the hands of Muhammad's Army soldiers during Operation Crossed Swords.  It is also seen during the events of the May 6, 2021 Terrorist Attacks in the hands of Muhammad's Army soldiers.

In combat, the weapon is seen used by a variety of different people, with notable examples including Dima Raskov, the Israeli Defense Forces, Lev Raskov and various other members of The Force.

Whenever the weapon is used in combat, the bayonet is always folded down, unless someone wants to use it to melee-attack an enemy.

Quotes about the weaponEdit

"The ruling to kill the Americans...sounds legit, except what is bin-Laden accusing us of?"

"Oh, that's easy, mate.  He's accusing us of occupying the holiest lands of Islam for over seven years."

"Heck, why don't we just grab an SKS and run him through?"

"Dude, he's already dead."

"I think what he means is that we travel back in time and kill him before 9\11 even happens."

- Lev Raskov, Doug Harris, Mason Davidson, Olivia Coons and Dima Raskov.