Tat'yana Lazarova
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Family Older brother; two younger sisters
Relationships Yuri Gavrilov(romantic interest)
Affiliation CryNet Systems (formerly); Mercenaries (currently)
Occupation Contract killer, Assassin
Weapon Various
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Height 5'9
Status Alive (aged 16)

Tat'yana Lazarova is Yuri Gavrilov's girlfriend and a character in World War 3: The Series.  In the novel, she is kidnapped by Red Hand soldiers, but eventually is able to escape captivity with the US President's daughter, Adrianne McNamara, along with various others.


World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In the novel, she is introduced as a fellow kidnap victim.  She eventually bonds with Adrianne McNamara, daughter of the US President, Josh McNamara and together, they and a few other people manage to escape the prison.

Unfortunately, she and fellow escapee Brooke Connor are injured in the attempt when Red Hand soldiers are suddenly attacked by a Vulture Force-led coalition of various military units sent by the US government to rescue McNamara, leaving them caught in the crossfire.

Tat'yana later manages to get away and is eventually found by her friend Adrianne.  They then make their way through the Swiss Alps while trying to avoid Red Hand forces hunting them down.  She is eventually rescued by Charlie Sheen, who kills the Red Hand pursuers by crashing a plane into the ground and running over a regiment of RH soldiers with it (although he accidentally kills a fellow escapee named Eden in the process).

Using the diversion, Tat'yana fights the Red Hand soldiers attacking her, which eventually leaves her exhausted and injured.  She is later found by her boyfriend Yuri and taken to a hospital to recover.


  • She is the first Russian woman Adrianne McNamara has ever seen.
  • She seems to treat Adrianne as one of her own family, revealing that their friendship is growing.
  • She gives Adrianne and Yuri the same level of attention.