Team Misfit

Korey Hogan (alive)

Olivia Coonz (Alive)

John Price (alive)

John "Soap" MacTavish (alive)

Appears in World War 3: The Series
Country Australia, Canada, United KingdomUnited StatesRussiaCzech Republic, various others
Type Special Operations Group, Military Organization
Active 2027-? (disavowed for a time)

Team Misfit is a multinational special operations unit and the next iteration of Olivia Coonz's strike team, having been evolved from World War 3: Sinister Operations' Vulture Force.  Throughout the series, they serve as the main fighters with the goal of destroying Alexandra Daddario and her Anarchists, in addition to shutting down Lydia Young's Federation and Alyssah Diez's Federalist Union.


Team Misfit's operators are mostly former Special Forces commandos from various different countries, specifically Russia, England, and the United States.  During the events of the series, Olivia Coonz is the field commander, though other people also assist in leading the team.  In the novel, they either work alone, or they fight alongside other factions.



Known membersEdit

Prominent membersEdit

  • Olivia Coonz- Former US Marine child soldier turned teenage soldier of awesomeness who later becomes the leader of Task Force Dagger.
  • Korey Hogan-Commander of the forces who gives them missions, but becomes the new commanding officer when Olivia Coonz obtains a new organization to lead.
  • John Price- Field commander who serves alongside Olivia Coonz after being warped from the Call of Duty world in the last book.
  • John "Soap" MacTavish- Same as above.
  • Lev Raskov- Russian commando and Olivia's longtime friend.
  • Yuri Gavrilov- Lev's cousin
  • Jack Reacher- Warped from the book series by Lee Child.
  • Olivia Omer- Joins Team Misfit later in World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent

Known alliesEdit

  • Liz Johnson- Shadow Force commander
  • Emma Wideman- Russian spy
  • John Honeycutt- Mercenary and Emma's sidekick
  • Lindsay Coonz- Olivia's mother
  • Don Coonz- Olivia's father
  • Alyssah Diez- 14-year old friend of Olivia Coonz who gets brainwashed by Alexandra Daddario
  • Sam Coonz- Olivia's younger brother

Known enemiesEdit

  • Alexandra Daddario- Olivia Coonz's nemesis
  • Gabriel Santos- Pedro Santos' younger brother 
  • Lydia Young- Federation leader
  • Diego Cortez- Federation lieutenant
  • Alyssah Diez- Brainwashed by Daddario to plot against Olivia Coonz


  • It is based in structure on the Modern Warfare series' Task Force 141.
  • It is the second special operations unit led by the main protagonist.
  • It is the third multinational faction in the novel (Cordis DIe is first, Vulture Force is second).