Tehran at night

Tehran is the captial of Iran and the main setting for Operation Crossed Swords, in addition to other conflicts\incidents in the World War 3 series.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, Iran is invaded by the People's Liberation Army, the Russian Ground Forces, the European forces of the European Confederation, and the United States military, in an attempt to remove Al-Washir from power. Furthermore, the city is also mentioned in a series of letters concerning a possible retaliatory strike against Muhammad's Army in the epilogue of the novel.


  • Tehran is the sixth major city to be invaded by a foreign military unit (Arcadia, VA, being the first, Washington D.C. is second, New York is third, Spokane is fourth, Los Angeles is fifth, and Tehran is sixth).
  • The invasion of Tehran seems to be the main reason why Ali Al-Washir wants to destroy the United States so badly.
  • Originally, Tehran was supposed to be nuked during Operation Crossed Swords, but this was changed.