Tenth Crusade (or a Second War on Islam) is mentioned in World War 3: Sinister Operations, but isn't revealed to be official until the epilogue.


A "Tenth Crusade" is mentioned by US President Miguel Rodriguez, the younger brother and archenemy of Pablo Rodriguez, a notorious Mexican drug cartel leader.  In a speech broadcasted by various major news companies across the globe, the governments of the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, the United States of America, Israel, and the European Federation simultaneously condemned the Muslim terrorist attacks on Europe, China, America, and Russia and called for the killing of all Muhammad's Army members and their supporters, in an event they called a "Tenth Crusade".  

In response to this announcement, Ali Al-Washir's son, Habib, came to power and then called for the destruction of Israel, America, Russia, and China, dubbing all four nations "Satan's Agents".


The status of the Tenth Crusade is not known at first, but in the epilogue the main protagonists discover news footage of Islamic radicals being recuited into Muhammad's Army, as well as the armies of the European Federation, Russia, China, America, and Israel growing at an exponential rate.  In late 2025, after about a month of planning, the American, Israeli, Chinese, Russian, and European governments all made the decision to launch a full-scale invasion of all Muhammad's Army territories, with Americans working with Israelis to capture Tehran, Iran, and destroy the radical government and Chinese working with Russian and European forces to capture and\or exterminate all members of Muhammad's Army, as well as their supporters.

Also in the epilogue, the former main antagonist, Kaylyn Bigley, is seen sitting in her jail cell and switching channels on her TV out of boredom when she sees a CNN news report on the "Tenth Crusade".  Flipping through other channels, she finds news footage of the US and other major countries invading Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, and Kuwait, which confirms the rumors that the Tenth Crusade will indeed happen.


  • This is the first major military operation that hasn't happened until the last minute.
  • It is also the second major military operation to include all allies (and former adversaries) of America.


Motives for invasionEdit