Teresita Killmade

Friend T.K

Rotten Traitor

'Appears in' World War 3: the Series
'Rank' Captain
'Affiliations' Task Force Stalker
'Nationality' Mexican
'Status' Alive
'Sex' Female
'Worst enemy' Olivia Coonz; Alexandra Daddario
'Hair' Black
'Eyes' Dark brown
'Race' Latino
'Weapon' Desert Eagle, anything at her disposal

Teresita Killmade is an anti-villain in World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent and in the online edition of said novel.  In the story, she is the leader of Task Force Stalker and has a goal of destroying various dictatorships, particularly Cordis Die, the Federation, the Iron Hand and the Anarchists.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Teresita's past, but Olivia Coonz eventually learns that she was ex-Mexican military, achieving the rank of Captain before leaving and founding Task Force Stalker.

War against the FederationEdit

She plays a role in the War against the Federation, where she is seen during Lydia Young's attempt to hijack the U.S.S. Bonaparte, a large aircraft carrier.  However, she is eventually revealed to be against Lydia Young when she betrays the Feds and then hacks the computer aboard the ship, reprogramming the US military's drones and satellite lasers to destroy Federation and Cordis Die strongholds in Europe and the United States, starting World War 3.

Hunting her enemiesEdit

As the war against Lydia progresses, Teresita is revealed to be hunting down and actively destroying various dicatorships, with notable targets being the Federation, the Anarchists and Cordis Die.  She is also seen hunting down Team Misfit, seemingly to show her colors as a villain, but eventually it is revealed that she is hunting Team Misfit because of their connections with Alexandra Daddario (though she was unaware that Team Misfit was also trying to destroying Daddario).  Teresita then realizes her mistake of assuming that Alexandra was allied with Team Misfit and eventually decides to help the team take her down.

World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent: Online EditionEdit

In World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent: Online Edition, Teresita is an ordinary civilian who babysits five-year old Thomas "Tommy" Cheng.  However, she later becomes secondary commander of Tommy's own private army of mercenaries, making hiim the youngest military commander in military history, as well as the entire novel series.


  • She is the first character to be an antivillain (Olivia Coonz is second).
  • She is also the first Latino character in the novel.
  • She is one of many characters to be actively involved in the campaign to destroy Alexandra Daddario.
  • Her signature weapon is the Desert Eagle.


"I only want to watch you suffer!"

- Teresita as she betrays Lydia Young

"Not for long, you won't be."

- Teresita responding to Lydia Young's declaration that she is immortal.

"I'll surrender when it's done.  And by the way, your move to attack Europe was pretty flawed.  I hated that plan.  Therefore, I'm going to destroy it, and I'm going to destroy you!"

- Teresita as she reveals herself to be a traitor