Tiffany Alvord
Nickname(s) Tiff
Appears in World War 3: The Series
Rank N\A
Affiliations American Resistance
Nationality American
Status Alive (oon the run from Federation and Alexandra Daddario)
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Race Caucasian
Height 5'4"
Birth Date August 4, 2007 (aged 20)
Weapon Anything she gets her hands on
Equipment M67 grenadeKnife
Worst enemy Alexandra Daddario; everybody in the Federation
Biggest fear Getting killed by Alexandra Daddario; getting beat-up by Lev Raskov

Tiffany Alvord  is a YouTube celebrity and a character in World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent.  In the novel, she is hunted by Alexandra Daddario (who has an obsession with killing her) and the Federation for posting anti-government propoganda on radio stations.  She is also hated by Lev Raskov because her singing voice "corrupts" him.


Before the warEdit

Born on August 4, 2007, she was a YouTube celebrity until the war started.  Before then, she'd just write songs and post them on YouTube.  But when the war started, her life wentc ompletely downhill.

During the WarEdit

When the War against the Federation occurred, she became a wanted target by the Federation for broadcasting anti-Fed propoganda on the radio.  Cordis Die agent Alexandra Daddario was also obsessed with killing her for "complicated" reasons.  She joined the Resistance, but that didn't make anything better; Alexandra Daddario began stalking her online, posting threatening e-mails and FaceBook messages.  She eventually gets fed up and resolves to kill Daddario, the outcome of which is still undetermined.

Rivalry with Lev RaskovEdit

She is hated by Lev Raskov because her singing voice bothers him.  This makes Lev increasingly hostile toward Tiffany, which culmilates when Lev beats Tiffany senseless out of pure hatred after seeing her sing at a shopping mall.  She is later sent to the hospital for major injuries inflicted upon her by Lev.  In addition, this incident makes Lev unpopular among the society, although his buddies still have the heart for forgiving him when he comes to and begins feeling guilty for what he did.


  • Her best friend, Megan Nicole, is off the grid.
  • She is listed as Federation's "Most Wanted."
  • Her YouTube videos are said by some to be the beginning of her life as a fugitive.
  • Lev Raskov antagonizes her because her singing bothers him.