Some attributes
First Affiliation(s)
Second Inner Light; Iron Hand
Third Weaponry
Other attributes
Fourth Energized laser cannon that fires sleeping gas; electromagnetic blasts
Fifth Status
Sixth Destroyed (Iron Hand); active (Inner Light)

The StarStrike Systems Tripod Tank (otherwise known as a TriTank) is an enormous three-legged tank that is also known as the "War Machine".  It is seen in World War 3: Sinister Operations


The tank first appears in World War 3: Sinister Operations, as a main armored fighting machine for the Inner Light and the Iron Hand.  It's eighteen feet tall and has a heavily armored triangular-shaped head with two machineguns underneath.  It has "eyes" that change color; when they're red, they recognize humans as enemies.  When they're green, they recognize humans as allies.

World War 3: Sinister OperationsEdit

The TriTank is first seen fighting US Marines in Midtown, New York, during the Battle of New York.  During the battle, Olivia Coons, Harry Styles, Mason Davidson and Lev Raskov struggle to rescue Madison Young from the huge fighting machine, which is eventually destroyed when Harry Styles blows its fuel cells, located behind the legs, to smithereens with an RPG-7.  It is later seen again used by the Iron Hand to attack US Army Rangers, Delta Force operatives, Russian commandos, and the FSO (Federal Protective Service of Russia) as they assist the Russian and Slovakian Presidents, as well as Olivia's friends, in evacuating civilians from New York City during the battle.

A third Tri-Tank is seen used by the Iron Hand to fight Russian and British commandos in Times Square, New York, after Bhutanese UAVs destroy Grand Central Station following the sucessful evacuation.  The TriTank here is easily destroyed by Mason Davidson, who blows the fuel cells away with a Milkor MGL grenade launcher while Olivia,  Lev and a team of Russian soldiers and US Marines distract it with gunfire.

The Tri-Tank is last seen (as an enemy) during another evacuation site in New York's Financial District.  On Wall Street, the TriTank attempts to massacre Olivia's strike force, only to temporarily shut down and then reboot itself, but this time with its eyes green, indicating that it has transitioned from attack mode to defensive mode, meaning that it recognizes Olivia and her friends as allies.

At first, Olivia assumes it had a change of heart, but Kaylyn Bigley later comes on everyone's B-comms, screaming excitedly that she has fixed the cyborg self-awareness problem and the drones are back under her control, only this time she uses them to help Olivia's team destroy the Bhutanese cyborg army, as well as the Iron Hand.

From this point on, Kaylyn is seen using TriTanks to support Olivia's fight to destroy the Iron Hand.


  • The TriTank is based on the Ceph Pinger from Crysis 2.
  • It's also partially based on the Tripods from The War of the Worlds.
  • Olivia Coons either calls it a "tank on three legs" or basically a "walking tank."