100 Shiki Kikan-tanju

Type 100 (1944)

Type Submachine gun
Place of origin  Empire of Japan
Service history
In service 1942–1954[1]
Used by Imperial Japanese Army (real life); Jordan Portner (novel); Mercenaries (novel)
Wars Second Sino-Japanese WarSecond World WarFirst Indochina War; World War 3
Production history
Designed 1939
Produced 1942–1945; 2011-2020s[1]
Number built 24,000[2]–27,000[3]; none in 2020s
Variants Type 100/40 (with solid stock)

Type 100/40 (with folding stock) Type 100/44 (with solid stock)

Weight 3.8 kg (8.4 lb) (1942, empty)[2]

3.4 kg (7.5 lb) (1944, empty)[2] 4.4 kg (9.7 lb) (1944, loaded)[1]

Length 890 mm (35.0 in) (1942)[2]

900 mm (35.4 in) (1944)[1]

Barrel length 228 mm (9.0 in) (1942)

230 mm (9.1 in) (1944)[1]

Cartridge 8x22mm Nambu
Caliber 8 mm
Action Blowback
Rate of fire 450 rounds per minute (1942)[1]

800 rounds per minute (1944)[1]

Muzzle velocity 335 m/s (1,100 ft/s)[1]
Feed system 30-round detachable curved box magazine[1]

The Type 100 submachine gun is featured in the World War 3 series.  Although obselete otherwise, it is "revived" by Jordan Portner, who uses it as a part of his stash of weapons during his time as the Punisher.

World War 3Edit

In the novel, the Type 100 is said to be "obselete", but Jordan Portner "brought it back" after inheriting a stash of weapons his great uncle (who fought in the Pacific Theater of World War II), which contained almost every weapon he captured\handed down to him from the Second World War and in the Korean War, among other wars.  From that point on, Jordan and his pals used the Type 100 to fight against the enemies of the 21st century.


  • It is the first weapon from pre-20th century wars to be used in modern times.
  • It is Jordan Portner's weapon of choice.
  • It is later adopted by the Mercenaries.