Valeriya Azarova
Nickname(s) Second Horseman
Appears in World War 3 series
Rank Lieutenant in Russian Air Force
Affiliations Russian Air Force
Status Alive (aged 34)
Birth May 4, 1986
Height Approximately 5'8
Build Medium
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Lieutenant Valeriya Azarova is a member of the Russian Air Force and a supporting character in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, she's a fighter pilot for the Russian Air Force who is shot down by Iron Hand forces and later teams up with The Force to stop the Iron Hand rampage in New York and get the US military's drones back online.


She is first mentioned and featured in a dossier found by Vulture Force.

Later, during a reconaissance mission in New York, a fighter jet is shot down by Iron Hand forces and later captured; the pilot is revealed to be Valeriya Azarova.  She is eventually rescued and recruited by Vulture Force to help fight the Iron Hand and repel the occupation of America.


She is a kind-hearted young pilot who always likes to lend a hand whenever assistance is required of her.  However, she's prone to breaking down in hysterics whenever something tragic (i.e: someone getting killed in front of her) happens, especially if that someone is an old friend.  She's not the vengeful type, unlike Lev Raskov and his family, who are all vengeful people.

She also is viewed by Doug Harris to be "cute", and eventually becomes his love interest.


  • She seems to be deathly afraid of being shot out of the sky, as she's nervously commenting on the accuracy of her enemies before screaming hysterically that she is being shot down as her fighter crashes.
  • She is the first female pilot in the novel.
  • She is also the third female Russian character (the other two being the Raskov sisters).
  • She, like Alexi Kharkov, abhors Osama bin-Laden and is glad he's dead.



- Valeriya upon seeing Doug Harris approach her crashed fighter jet.

"You are-err-a British soldier?"

Valeriya inquiring about Doug's position in the British army.

"I need vodka."

- Valeriya's reaction whenever a bunch of teens ask about random-and strange-military terms as The Force (now including American militia units) plots a blitzkrieg attack against the Iron Hand and the Korean People's Army.