War Against the Federation
A war montage
Part of: World War 3
Date: September 11, 2027-Ongoing
Place: Worldwide
Outcome: Ongoing
Allies and enemies



Federalist Union (until Alyssah is freed from the brainwashing)

People's Republic of China (Chang's loyalists)

  • Soap MacTavish

[30] British Armed Forces

[31] French Armed Forces

[32] Bundeswehr

  • German Army
    • Unnamed tank unit
    • 36th Attack helicopter regiment

[33] Military of the Czech Republic

[34] Russian Armed Forces

    • Islamic Republic of Iran Army
    • Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
  • Tens of thousands of NATO soldiers and millions of NATO civilians
  • U.S.S. Nimitz.
  • White House and Washington Memorial heavily damaged.
  • London, Paris and many areas of Europe contaminated by deadly chemicals in the air.
  • Various parts of Earth destroyed completely
  • Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers.
  • Several Russian Naval warships and submarines.
  • Tens of thousands of Cordis Die troops
  • Almost half of the Federation
  • Two thirds of the Anarchists
  • Two fourths of the Federalist Union

The War Against the Federation, AKA the Fed-Rebel War, occurred during the events of World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent

September 11 and the later yearsEdit

Cordis Die had enslaved the world in debt, but something would change all that.  On September 11, 2027, twenty-six years after the 9\11 attacks, the megacorporation Federation was founded, its goal being to dethrone Madison Young and have her younger sister, Lydia Young, take over as dictator.  

At the same time, Team Misfit (the result of Vulture Force, Shadow Force, CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics, Black Syndicate, and various other units) launched a series of retaliatory strikes against the Muslim extremists (with a little help from various historical military fighters).

Federation took advantage of the situation; during these events, Lydia's Feds bred zombies and created a huge red monster called Elmo, which proved to be unstoppable.  Together with the zombie army, the Federation launched a full-scale invasion of the entire world, most of which fell in less than half a month.

The victimized nations declared war on Federation and the Fed-Rebel War began.

Course of conflictEdit

Lydia suceeded in setting up a Federation army big enough to destroy the world.  However, Anarchist leader Alexandra Daddario brainwashed 14-year old Alyssah Diez, and the result was the Federalist Union, an even bigger coalition of dictator countries with the same goal.  She kidnapped Olivia's younger sister, Ella Coonz, while Alexandra Daddario captured Olivia following a failed attempt to kill the latter during Ella's rescue.  Alyssah then tortured the two sisters in front of each other, but later they escaped captivity.  Afterwards, Alyssah Diez and Alexandra Daddario went into hiding.

However, the Second War against the Anarchists started while the conflict against the Federation was still going on, and the result was World War III.


  • This is the first conflict to not have any winner yet and is also the first conflict to happen during the events of another conflict.
  • It is also the first conflict to invovle animals being used as weapons against the enemy.
  • It is also the first conflict to involve zombies.
  • The novel World War Z helped to inspire the zombie part of the conflict.
  • Jurassic Fight Club became the inspiration for the Rebels' dinosaur army.